Applications of Unlimited Detail

The least interesting application of UD is in the games industry. Here are some other, more appealing, at least to me:

  1. Google street view with UD. Pro: they (google) only need to change the format of their pictures database (and for example deduce some 3D data from different pictures of the same place made from different POVS, a lot of work, but they surely have the means). Con: there cannot be a too precise such tool, for obvious reasons, from security to privacy. Anyway, imagine you walk on the street (in street view) and you see instead of a sequence of photos a continuous 3D world.
  2. Google earth with UD, you can pass continuously from a scale to another, like flying in a super space ship. Better yet, at really small detail you pass continuously from google earth to street view.
  3. Not only geographical databases are interesting to see, but also very complex objects, like in the medical realm. I remember now that in the post on Digital Materialization and Euclideon, I noticed a similarity of goals between the DM project and the UD project. In the video of the interview provided on this blog by Dave H., at a certain point Bruce Dell mentions the difficulty of creating the 3D real objects (like a dragon or what ever head) and the easiness of looking at the virtual version created by scanning and then visualizing the scan with the UD machine. This is quite similar to one of the applications of DM, which consists in preserving cultural objects by using DM. Or by using UD, why not?
  4. If we talk about games, then the world of a MMORPG could be put in UD form, probably.

What else?

UPDATE (20.02.2014): Here is something which would look well together with UD:

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