Zipper logic

This is the page of Zipper logic.




Zipper logic is a variant of chemlambda. It is a graph rewrite system, consisting in only local moves on a class of zipper graphs. It is Turing universal.

Compared with chemlambda, it has a new move, called “CLICK”, which is not present elsewhere. When translated to chemlambda, this move appears as a pattern identification move.

Up to now, zipper logic seems to be the most promising graph rewrite formalism (among those proposed in this open notebook) which could have a correspondent in real chemistry, probably in relation to RNA pseudoknots (but this is a speculation for the moment, help from specialists in chemistry is needed).

Besides this, I believe that zippers (as described in the Zipper logic article) are an interesting topological object, along knots and pseudoknots.



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