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Chemlambda quines and DNA pairs, speculation

I’m staring at this space view of the walking machine described first in this post:


The picture is a screenshot of the chemlambda gui available for download from this page.

The .mol file of the walker is available at this link.

What is this: is a walker as described in the ouroboros predecessor post, which walks on a train track generated by a y combinator pair A-FOE.

But the strange thing which makes me stare at the picture is that I see a hexagonal structure connected to a quadrilateral one, or I recall that I have seen such structures, see for example the following crop from this source.

nitro_basesSo it’s like the thymine-adenine pair (well, there is no pure adenine side, is only half of it).

Then, I recall seeing all these structures before with the space view, including the one representing the connection between guanine and cytosine, but I have to look at the files to recover them (I have plenty of mol files already, hundreds, I need to classify all the interesting stuff I learned).

Is this a coincidence or not? I don’t know, it is tempting to make the connection between quines in chemlambda, as it is the ouroboros, and self-mantaining molecules like DNA.



The new look of the chemlambda gui, new downloads and a video demo of the space view

Here is a short video with a demo of the space view of chemlambda molecules and their interaction.



At this link you can download the tar archive which contains the gui I play with. 

I would be grateful if as many as possible download it and spread it in as many places, not only google or other clouds.

Please send me a mail, or post a comment here if you did it, thank you! (mind that if it is your first comment then it is moderated, so don’t worry if it does not appear immediately, maybe I sleep or something like that)

It works surely with firefox, I have been told that it does not work with safari or chromium, because, I learned, those browsers don’t allow to open local files.