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PeerJ as a format/paper on Github: PeerJ/paper-now

A simple, interesting, obvious step: PeerJ/paper-now .  That is, or will be soon, exactly what I need for writing a decent article about chemlambda, i.e. one where I can show, in the article, demos with animations like those from the chemlambda pages.

This may be a huge step forward from the discussions about OA because:

  • offers a clear improvement of the article format, allowing it hopefully to merge with  formats like animations, databases, programs which one can execute in the browser.
  • it exports the format of the paper (this is like if latex were a publisher and decides to export the latex programs so that everybody could write a latex article)
  • which has the obvious advantage that one can host on it’s page an article in an uniform format, idea which solves two things at once: (1) how to make an article friendly for future semantic queries (2) where to put the article on the web
  • Github is already the answer and the perpetrator of a silent revolution (is already more than 10 times bigger than arXiv, and git is a model of collaboration tool which is not based on choke points  and centralized thinking), so to export the PeerJ/paper-now to Github is natural and brilliant.


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