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“They are artificial microbes that can be created to make …”

My brother  Dragos Buliga, a sharp film director and media producer, asked me to describe to him in lay terms what he sees in these demos pages.

I came up with this. (See more at chemlambda vision page.)

They are artificial microbes that can be created to make a computer do anything without knowing what they are doing, without needing supervision while doing it.

They are not viruses, because viruses need a host. Computer viruses have the OS as the host.

They are the host. Together they form a Microbiome OS, which is as unique as your own biological microbiome, shaped by the interactions you had with the world.

Because they don’t know what they are doing, it is as hard for an external viewer  to understand the meaning of  their activity as it is for a researcher looking through a microscope to understand the inner workings of real microbes.

Because they don’t need supervision to do it, they are ideal tools for the truly decentralized Internet of Things.

They are the means towards a cloudless future.