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List of Ayes/Noes of artificial chemistry chemlambda

List of noes

  • distributed (no unique place, no external passive space)
  • asynchronous (no unique time, no external global time)
  • decentralized (no unique boss, no external acyclic hierarchy)
  • no semantics (no unique meaning, no signal propagation, no values)
  • no functions (not vitalism)
  • no probability


List of ayes


Do you know these guys?

We need CS collaborators for our project.  The project is about a computation model (Distributed GLC) which is:

  • decentralized
  • asynchronous
  • based on message passing
  • Actor Model style
  • using a Graph Rewriting System called chemlambda.

Here is the portrait of the ideal collaborator:

  • is a big fan of functional programming, but not a fanatic
  • understands the difference between the Actor Model and process calculi
  • has some understanding of real world asynchronous computation, on the Internet
  • is at ease with graph rewriting systems, say he has read Functional programming and parallel graph rewriting


Oh, and can discuss over the border with  quick learning mathematicians.


  • has money to fund us and
  • a supply of docile programmers who do what we need first, then optimize the programs after they see by example that, from some obscure reasons, they really work.


If interested please call and let’s make stuff that counts!