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Artificial Life 14 from MIT Press, freely available under Creative Commons licenses

Thanks to the organizers of the ALIFE 14 conference, 7/30 to 8/2 – 2014 – Javits Center / SUNY Global Center – New York! That’s the way to do it [source]:

“The proceedings of ALIFE 14 are now available from MIT Press. The full proceedings, as well as individual papers, are freely available under Creative Commons licenses.



Here is a link to our published  article.


Chemlambda at ALIFE 14

Good news for chemlambda, our article

M. Buliga, L. H. Kauffman, Chemlambda, universality and self-multiplication, arXiv:1403.8046 [cs.AI]

has been accepted in the ALIFE 14 conference:

ALIFE 14: The Fourteenth International Conference on the Synthesis and Simulation of Living Systems,

July 30th – Aug 2nd, New York

Louis Kauffman will give the talk. I shall not be there, but for anybody interested in chemlambda, who will also be in New York then, this is a good occasion to meet and discuss more there, live.