This is just to tell that things happen and that I’m open to new things to happen as well.

New things are brewing, even if I give hints to recent things I’m interested in, like: Gaussian graph rewrite systems, commutative numbers, matematica foris. Somehow all these will appear in the future, in some form. Some of the old things will give new fruits as well.

But essentially I’m going towards doing something really new. Last 12 years are enough.

But like, what about older or even older works, abandon them? No!

Is this thrill about research work. I suppose could spend a couple of years to explain old stuff. I become also interested in students, colleagues, human interaction for the sake of it. Yeah but also come on! how much is just monkey authority where you don’t want to understand?

So what? I don’t know. Let’s be open about this, OK?

Or take a holiday spirit 🙂 Oooh how interesting…

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