The salvaged collection of animations

UPDATE: Chemlambda collection of animations is the version of the collection hosted on github. The original site is under very heavy traffic (in Jan 2020). Small images, about a 1/2 of the collection, due to memory limitations. But you can play the simulations in js!

UPDATE: As I progress into integrating more, I think I might sell microSD cards with the full experience. Who knows, in a year from now I might even think about a whole (real or game like) VR programming medium in a sort of chemlisp crossed with pure see. If anybody interested call me.

One more thing: as you shall see, the animations (and the originals) are the result of both a work of science and a work of art. Into the constraints (random evolution, only physical constants and colors are allowed to modify, only before, only cuts allowed) a world of dreams open.


Now I have a functional (local) version of the chemlambda collection of animations, salvaged from G+. A random slice:


On the short term todo list is:

  • integrate it with the quine graphs and with the lambda stuff.
  • add text to the chemlambda for the people and integrate with the rest.
  • to release the quine graphs article I still need a decorator, a deterministic reducer and a quine discoverer, all of them pretty standard. Make a chemlisp repl, perhaps? It would need only a small rewrite of the parser…
  • to release the hapax article I need to add a visual loop, also to rewrite some of the functions because I already need them in the quine discoverer.

… and then my dues will be finally paid and I can attack pure see and stochastic SBEN with full serenity.

Oh wait, I still have to make a big intro to em-convex, release the second part, describe the category CONICAL and related work in sub-riemannian geometry,  explain the solution of the computation power of emergent algebras … and then my dues will be paid and … 🙂

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