Some things about a subscription list sharing

I got it that what I write here is both of some interest (math researcher typical understatement) and not enough, but what can I do? Open Science in the way I try to (discover how to) do (it) is not obvious at all for me. Should I share fluff and publish in journals? (I’ll do it if I have to but I am not yet there, I still have some optimism and ideals left). It would be good for me too to share solid stuff which is read and used as a building block fairly, because I am a serial manic writer of ideas and I follow them for years.

So I’m back to a subscription list sharing. I think that I can post fluff for free and I can post rock solid stuff to subscribers, under a CC-BY-4.0. I have to know who are my subscribers and what are their interests. I could answer  a 7 questions/week, share program attempts which are not public, describe at my leisure exactly how this is connected to that, but I won’t work for some idiot benefit in academic research, nor shall I inspire ideas to projects which lack in originality. That’s why I have to know whom am I speaking with.

You like my visual work? You got it that I do have things I don’t share, because I love them and they can’t be shared without receiving something like love in return.

For example I may have a fluff public post, even misleading in some clever detail and also, for subscribers only, the true post available.

I’m thinking about it.

So let’s start: send me signals here or send your answer to the mail from this page. Should be a simple yes or no, you should use any identity is convenient to you, your answer does not imply anything further. If I start a subscription list, this will not be part of it.

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