Cryptocurrency for life

Biological life is a billions years old experiment. The latest social experiments, capitalism and communism, are much more recent. Cryptocurrencies experiments are a really new response to the failures of those social experiments.

We don’t really understand biological life starting from it’s computational principles. As well, we don’t understand in depth decentralized computation which is at the basis of many cryptocurrencies experiments.

My point is that we try to solve the same problem, so that we shall be able to evolve socially at a human time scale. Not in hundred thousands years, in decades instead.

Therefore it would be only natural if the active people in the cryptocurrency realm would dedicate significant financial support to the problem of life.

3 thoughts on “Cryptocurrency for life”

  1. I wrote a bit about how Holochain is biologically inspired later on in this thread

    The operating system it is being built for, Ceptr, is as well.

    The Commons Engine is a machine for rapid social evolution being built using these tools. by adapting communication patterns and methods used by natural complex adaptive systems such as forests.

    More generally, this notion of new signaling patterns leading to great social change is evidenced by how inventions of writing, telephone, and the internet made. Additional communication patterns will lead to further evolution.

    A draft of an attempt at some level of formalization of this notion is in this paper that calls the “grammatic capacities” that is one of the reasons Ceptr is being built.

    One thing to note about natural communications infrastructure is that all information carries its semantics with it and so e.g. trillions of cells can work together as a unified whole. The shape of the protein is the message. So Tim Berners-Lee idea of a semantic internet is one step closer to this. But we need to go even further and make all signaling mechanisms semantic by baking it into all communications infrastructure. This is what Ceptr is trying to do, and the general philosophy behind this is outlined in the Metacurrency Project. I guess an ultimate end to something like this might be akin to David Bohm’s notion of the rheomode of language.

    There’s been a lot of good research into complex adaptive systems in the past several years making use of category theory, as well as a new field called categorical informatics that allows one to represent all kinds of information with semantics baked into it. To me these seem like the only decent tools I’m aware of to formalize the notion of grammatic capacity as well as to generalize a semantic internet to “universal semantic interoperability”

  2. Hi functor, thanks for the interesting comment. I have a question, for Holochain as well as for any other cryptocurrency involved organism.

    Look, classic money has all. In particular they have me, the researcher. They have the university, which plays many roles: it hides the unemployment among young people, it backs the politicians pet ideas, it feeds the publishing industry, it produces good workers for corporations. On the fringe of it, it still support science. Which is a long term investment, benefic to everybody, no matter how short term is their thinking.

    Does Holochain or other cryptocurrency with economic might have something like this? An alternative way, a new way? Is there a bud of this structure, backed from the virtual debris in the wake of a whale?

    Regarding the semantics, personally I am not very attracted to this old path. If there were a global semantics then we would live a happy life, in a global agreement, since ages. As I wrote elsewhere, this semantic ideology (i.e. point of view) is like an external homunculus explanation. Indeed, even if euclidean geometry is an essential ingredient in the researcher’ explanations about how a fly uses sight to fly, it is though not the real explanation about how the fly’ brain works. The researcher is an external homunculus of the fly brain and euclidean geometry is the stage where the researcher present the performance.

    Otherwise, as regards biological inspirations, I really mean hard metal compared to wet hardware, by using the means of mathematics. But without falling in the global semantics trap. I’m more interested in the machine than in the programmer.

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