I deleted the Google+ chemlambda collection

This 400 posts collection, 60 000 000 views,  was as much a work of research popularization as a work of art. Google cannot be trusted with keeping high density data (scientific, art, etc). Read here about this.


It pained me to delete it, but it had to be done. It was harder than when I quit Facebook, Twitter.

The collection and richer material exist, I have them. Still, the Github repository is available, as well as the github.io demos. For example, the dodecahedron multiplication animation used as background for a conference site of statebox.io was made from a screencast of a d3.js which can be seen  here.


Mail me for access to more material. I have to think what I am going to do with them, long term. Meanwhile look for updates at my professional homepage or the alternative page.

14 thoughts on “I deleted the Google+ chemlambda collection”

  1. Just found this conference at IHES: Google Matrix. “The workshop will address fundamental features that determine the efficiency and control of information flow on directed networks,information retrieval, including also such fundamental properties of Google matrix as the fractal Weyl law, Anderson localization transitionfor Google matrix eigenstates.

    The highlights and future developments of this research fieldwill be analyzed 20 years after the seminal article of Brin and Page (1998).”

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