Authors: hodl your copyright or be filtered

For me this is the only sane reaction to the EU Copyright Directive. The only thing to do is to keep your copyright. Never give it to another. You can give non-exclusive rights of dissemination, but not the copyright of your work.

So: if you care about your piece of work then hodl copyright, if you don’t care about it (produced it to satisfy a job demand, for example) then proceed as usual, is trash anyway.

For my previous comments see this and this.

If you have other ideas then share them.


2 thoughts on “Authors: hodl your copyright or be filtered”

  1. Holding your copyright might not be enough. There may appear an organization that would be officially mandated to fight for your copyright, whether you like it or not. It would be safer to disseminate all your works under a permissive enough CC license, such as CC-BY or CC0.

    1. Sure, I’m for using a CC license (especially because the right licence prohibits DRMs), the point is to not give away your copyright, as an author. After second thoughts, this is not an accurate formulation of what I think. Here is it: any author may do anything, my advice, needed or not, is that the author should retain copyright. There is no organization which can take it or which can negociate for the author, without the author permission.

      Sure, it is possible and even likely that at some point the employer of the researcher, say, forces the employee to let the organization to help him, by the same mechanism which is used now which forces the researcher to publish in certain ways. You are right that holding the copyright is not enough.

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