On the origin of artificial species

I read Newton but not Darwin’s On the origin of species, until now. Chance was that, looking for new things to read in the tired landscape of libraries, I felt on a translation of Darwin’s famous book. Is wonderful.

While reading it I was striken by the fact that genetics was unknown to him, Though, what a genius. I’m almost a professional reader (if you understand what I mean) and I passed by Newton, as I said, in original, by some of the ancient greek philosophers (an even greater experience). Now, as I’m reading Darwin in a translation, I am aware of the translation limitations but I can’t stop to think that, before reading it, I lived this experience.

The main gain of the chemlambda project was for me the building of a world which undoubtedly has an autonomous existence, whatever your opinions may be. In my dreams, as I read Darwin, I see a rewrite of this book based on the observations of the chemlambda’s 427 valid molecules (eliminate from the chemlambda library of molecules those from this list, what you get are all valid molecules).

What I don’t see, perhaps because of my ignorance, is that the logical last implication of Darwin’s work is that the theory of evolution refutes any semantics, in particular the semantics of species.

It is in probabilities the possible blend of individual evolution and species evolution into a new theory which is not unlike the evolution theory, but as much as different as possible from any actual political theory. A dream, of course, a Hari Seldon dream 🙂 because probabilities look as much as semantics as space.

Who really knows? Funding bodies, especially these private high risk takers, don’t seem to have the balls to risk in the field of fundamental research, the most riskier activity ever invented. Who knows? I may know, if this little cog in the evolution machine ever had a chance to.

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