“Hey Mr. Gates”

The last paragraph of the premonitory post from 2011 We need a Github for science reads:

Hey Mr. Gates

It may be that the activation energy required to initiate changes won’t arise within the system. In that case, an outside push might do the job, and the best place for this push to come from may be a nimble funding agency. For example, a request for proposals could specify that phase II funding decisions would be based on the impact of online resources developed in phase I, as measured by specific metrics developed with community feedback. Nothing makes a scientist contemplate change faster than a new source of grant money, and the only thing better than a faculty applicant with a paper in Science may be one bringing in a multimillion dollar grant.”

Don’t believe this anymore. I made the same mistake several times, for example:

The news about Github show how naive that is.

We do need a Github for science. (One strong candidate is Zenodo, which does not offer AFAIK anything comparable with a github.io page where I can mix explanations with js scripts.) We also need a Google for science,  academic research management for science, etc.


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