The EM term rewrite system repository

I just opened the GitHub repository EM, which contains work for the EM (emergent algebras) term rewrite system. It is an article (pdflatex), at this moment (22-05-2018) has about 20 pages, about 1/5 of the work done. I welcome and encourage everybody to contribute, review, etc. Maybe, I don’t know, we can produce collaboratively something better than I can do alone. All contributions will be acknowledged, consistent contributions will lead to co-authorship.

Please comment here, for more informal discussions. You can send me a direct mail, you can open issues at the repository and, the best and the most rigorous: pull requests.

There is a lot of accumulated work, there are many questions. This is part of the final goal to unite (articles, proofs, programs) into a string of repositories chemlambda, needs, em (for the moment).


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