Reality soon to become illegal, what’s next

All kinds of intermediaries, from media to banks, see their existence threatened by the web. Their increasing panic created this bubble of apparent silence. It is now official, from the point of view of the corporate media the reality is illegal.

This can’t last.

For the record:

  • Bitcoin is not a bubble
  • Censorship is not compatible with democracy
  • Cloud based web is ridiculous
  • People are moral beings

I was actually afraid that the chemical sneakernet will become real. I had bad dreams and thoughts about this subject so I was rather both glad and sour about the incompetence of corporate social media to handle scientific data, or about the move to cut the spread of knowledge about chemlambda in the legacy media.

Only later I became thankful about all this. Because even that’s only one step away, is clear that people are far from idiots (even the corporate kind, even if they behave like ones).

People are far more moral than officially accepted, like reality, even if illegal, both.

Therefore I’m very optimistic about the future. Very optimistic about the new possibilities which now become visible due to the gift of available time, otherwise lost in censored places.

All this to say thank you 🙂

11 thoughts on “Reality soon to become illegal, what’s next”

    1. I’ll expand more on that enthusiasm and what lies beneath. I live in meatspace, like we all do, even if for a time it seemed different. As a meatspace creature my very creative brain is just a part of the machinery and if the rest does not work well then the long term behaviour of the brain is not well. Concretely, I am now relatively working at full speed, I recovered the chronical lack of sleep, etc, I am no longer burnt out. Chemlambda (and pnyx, not disclosed) is a viable project in the engineering stage. What I can bring to all this turmoil are creative ideas and a lot of will to make projects work. Of course I can’t do it alone (although I have almost daily signals that actually I can do it) so for my creative side worth I turned back into a fixer, see the fixer status page . We are flesh and bone creatures and this creature can do stuff. What would be great for me (and as well for others, collaboratively) would be a 3 months creative camp. Just let me (or make me) solve your problem, mainly let me make the machine which solves your problem. Has, though, to be in a new (for me) physical place. Has to be like this, with a bit of trust added, I no longer care if you don’t like my suggestions, if you don’t like them then I’ll make them public so anybody could benefit. Until this happens, which I feel is very soon, I am in the fixer mood and I can see ways of concluding past projects faster than I can write (physically on paper with a pen).
      There are lots of technical solutions which just don’t live enough, but I don’t buy the story that we actually need societal changes, not technical solutions. Just trash computers and phones and the Net, there are so many new things to do. On the other side I have not went so low to say that I’ll sell to the highest bidder, no matter the moral. If I wanted to get rich (like for example some of my relatives are) then I would not choose to do mathematics.

  1. it is possible that a bitcoin clone could be used (in fact they are being considered) for central bank clearing,, and I read they are being used for that purpose. The technology makes more sense there — and you can read about SDR’s on Wikipedia, there’s been a desire to move away from dollars since the gold window closed (Bretton woods) —- and updating a relatively small number of ledgers in billion-size transactions

    also read about

    check out also aaron brown’s minyanville article about james owen weatherall — same material covered in a 1-hour lecture on poker theory at MIT OCW —- he cites Williams’ the economic function of futures markets

    remember people have been able to make their own currencies many times in the past as well — see homer sylla history of interest rates for many many examples. is an ideological site with some real information on eg Scottish free banking. AB discusses wildcat soft money banks in this regard, and p 318 of homer/sylla “eccentric local rates” shows the effects of not having a lot of reliable currency (eastern banks > wildcat west soft money) in an area.

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