What will happen next?

There are a lot of ideas circulating in, or around the chemlambda universe. So, what will happen with them?

First of all there is a way to turn this highly hallucinatory content (as witnessed by many discussions and participants) into a solid and user friendly experience of exploration. Indeed to the point of convergence with the real world applications.

One thing I learned the hard way is that there are moments when it is not good for a project to be too open too soon. One of the features of the chemlambda universe I’m proud about is that for the intelligent and creative people there is a sort of transparency available into the approx 50GB of material available. For the rest, though, things are not clear. This is done on purpose, but it does not scale with the growth of the project. A solution is needed.

Secondly, there is a solution into the frame of Open Science. I need to make some preliminary experiments and I hope to not make too many mistakes in the process.

Thirdly, as concerns the funding problem, there is a solution to that as well. It is a mistake to see this problem as the main and the most important to solve, though. I would be very much relieved if by some miracle this problem is solved instantly, sure, but my experience and gut feeling are telling me that’s not the main concern here.

OK, the TLDR is that I’m not yet in the position to disclose much, although I could go again and again into uncharted territory. I really want to communicate with you, but it is simply not yet the right moment.

That is why  I shall leave this post as it is, with the unnecessary parts “edited“.


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