Euclideon Holoverse virtual reality games revealed

Congratulations! Via a comment by roy.  If there is any other news you have then you’re welcome here, as in the old days.

Bruce Dell has a way to speak, to choose colors and music which is his own. Nevertheless, to share the key speaker honor with Steve Wozniak is just great.



It rubs me a bit in the wrong direction when he says that he has the “world first new virtual lifeforms” at 7:30. Can they replicate? Do they have a metabolism? On their own, in random conditions?

If I sneeze in a Holoverse room, will they cough the next day? If they run into me, shall I dream new ideas about bruises later?


7 thoughts on “Euclideon Holoverse virtual reality games revealed”

  1. i think by “world first new virtual lifeforms” he means entities that are made of “atoms” like the real world life forms are.
    god, i cant stand the way he talks either. and i dont like that lady at all…
    anyway, in the video we can see some shading going on but as far as i can see there is no dynamic lighting (?). the most interesting thing is the animation in my opinion. it proves everyone wrong who claimed “it cannot be animated”, “only for static content”…

    and btw: his software is of course very much limited. the amount of harddrive space this requires is probably high and therefore it can and will never be unlimited.
    And obviously you can only render childish colored dinosaurs and animals 😉

    1. This doesn’t disprove any doubters on the animation front. His < 2 FPS animation is not commercial quality, let alone the 100,000 x better than PS3 he promised. There is no blending and everything looks like 1990s VRML There is a lion with a huge blade of grass penetrating it's head in the video. When people said it cannot be animated, try getting UD to animate faces like the PS3 animating and lighting LA Noire, yet that is old now. Whenever his scenes animate freely and not on rails, the cooked order is lost and must be recalculated and looks slow and clunky.

      1. yeah, no doubt it looks shity. way behind current AAA titles (doom, uncharted). still, i think the animation is fairly decent. look at the flying dragons or the moving statue. that looks ok to me. i admit, the walk cycles of the other animals is horrible but if you dont have motion capturing or experience in animation then i think its really hard to make animations look natural.
        the grass through head thing: thats something that could occur in any game due to bad/no collision detection.

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