Ask me anything about chemlambda or Open Science

If you feel you’d like to discuss about any of these subjects, take your time and ask, by ways of comments.

The first time you comment I have to approve it. I am the most well intended chorasimilarity dictator and I do want to talk, otherwise why would I post this?


One thought on “Ask me anything about chemlambda or Open Science”

  1. Great to find you chorasimilarity on WordPress I’m following you.

    I’m on WordPress too but I haven’t written anything for over a year,

    Open Science Love the Concept.

    Yes we just have to get on and build the new world with whatever talents we have, the old one is collapsing towards its en-tropic singularity!

    It is however most dangerous now and would rather blow the planet up then hand it over to the useless eaters who just want to live in peace in a free energy society without the injustice of the elite DNA apartheid world police state rapidly assembling around us under the guise of protecting us from “Terrorism”.

    My three loves apart from family/friends are:
    Grand Unified Theories of Physics
    Quantum Computing

    I believe we need a GUT in order to build the next Generation of Quantum Computers. DWave’s Fridge models are the logical conclusion to the confused mess academia is currently in.

    This is part of the conspiracy they want the chaos, it’s a mirror wall apartment block of smoke filled rooms the controllers monitor for any threat to their sovereignty.

    A Quantum computer is an enhanced Turing machine with the added data structure of the qubit. The tape reader now has the option of writing not just a 1 or 0 but a qubit as well. Every time it comes across the same qubit in the tape it reads a random 0 or 1 so it will branch to a different state without a logical reason.

    It’s a bit like a conversation with me.

    Now that blockchain technology has matured just in time before Bitcoin must Fork or die and Vitalik Buterin has written the killer App everyone has been waiting for “Ethereum” we can start building a new economic order in Javascript or Python smart contracts.

    So I’m hoping to link arms with great minds like yours and get the party started!

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