Res vs objectus

Objects are evidence. If reality is the territory, then objects are on the map.  Objective reality is to be compared with bureaucracy.
If reality is not objective, then how is it? Real, of course. Evidence is a map  of the real. Passive, done already, laid further in the court, ready to be used in the argumentation.
Who makes the map has the power over reality, in the same way as bureaucrats have the power over the people.
The confusion  between res and objectus has very concrete effects in our society.
We communicate on the net via evidence. The technical solutions are these, issued from historical reasons, like wars and analytic philosophy.
We are discontent about the lack of privacy of evidence.
Objects as evidence of happiness are not the same as happiness. We are discontent because objects are not enough, when we are told that they should be.
In this setting, who controls the map making mechanism, who controls the data processing, has the power.
Ultimate bureaucracy presented as the unique way. As the only real way. A lie.

2 thoughts on “Res vs objectus”

  1. Maybe there’s some sort of language barrier here.

    Map is to Territory as Sign is to Object.

    I think a lot of the confusion started when the weak Latin “object” was used to translate the strong Greek “pragma” and I find that it helps to go back to the whole complex of meanings contained in the original:


    A more recent source of confusion started when many programmers started calling Object Code Modules, which are really a species of signs, by the shorthand term “Objects”.

    1. No, Map is to Territory as Object is to Thing. The Greeks discuss about pragma and logos. The Romans have a simpler distinction, repeated later by the Germanics: res(thing) and object(evidence). Pragma/logos is not exactly the same as thing/object.
      Much later, the analytic philosophers started anew by confusing things with objects. Now all this is an ideological mess. But it becomes clearer if you replace the occurrences of “object” with “evidence”. Internet of Evidence. Social web is not a cats photos exchanging system, because cat photos are not evidence. Evidence of liking and friends is not the same as liking and friends. It’s funny how far one can get by using these simple lenses.
      Map is to territory as sign is to evidence? Confusion.
      Maybe map is to territory as logos is to evidence? Looks more believable but in this process the reality is edited out and replaced by bureaucracy.

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