In the mood for a rant: attention conservation notices

I see attention conservation notices at the beginning of posts  belonging to some rather interesting collections. And I wonder: what is the goal of the author of such announcements?

Should I put one too?

Well, if I would put one, then it would be like this:

Wait, let me first give you some context, in the form of a rant. Then I’ll write down the attention conservation notice.

Context. I am one of those researchers who want to create new things, in new ways, in this new connected world. I got in love with the Net the first time I saw a glimpse of it.

My position is the following: research needs to pass by a liberating process exactly like art did a hundred years ago. At a much bigger scale, of course, but the idea is the same.

Much like a revolutionary impressionist at the time of the Art Academies, this is a thrilling and also ridiculous position.

Besides the mediocre but respectable art channels provided by the exhibitions of art academies, there is only worse. The revolutionary painters did have the street to show their works. On the street, the cute portraits and the boooring visual memes are the rule. Not to say also that, on the street there are many other revolutionaries who are either too cool to paint, or just looking for relief from the monkey inheritance who pushes all of us to pretend we are really different.

Art academies are full of good, but statistically mediocre painters, who want to advance in their career with great determination. For them painting is not the goal, but the means towards ensuring a comfortable life. They are job oriented, like everybody else on the street. They speak the language of the street: they are professionals who, incidentally, spend their time splatting pigments on rectangular surfaces. The works are then reviewed by other professionals and finally shown (at different heights, the best ones at the eye level) to their peers, mostly.

Also  to anybody else willing to spend a free afternoon in a pleasant way, by visiting a reputable exhibition. Going back home, then, acquainted with the professional artistic last trends, the enlightened art lover may pick, from the street, something which is surely less expensive, but cute enough or modern enough to deserve the eye level place in the art lover’s home.

These guys are certainly not going to feed a Van Gogh, except by accident. First because is on the street. Secondly because it does not look professional, don’t you see that the guy uses randomly splashed colours, and worse even, you can see the traces of the brushes, instead of the polished, varnished, shitty brown finish. Thirdly, look at that cuute little boy pissing! Or that cat, btw.

You see where I’m going, right? The art lover just wants to spend some pleasant time off work. Just want to feel he or she has human interests. And to show to the Joneses he or she has that special artistic bend.

Now tell me, is an attention conservation notice going to help? Certainly, for somebody who does 5 min portraits for a living. And for that portraits, not for the other stuff. Not for the really good stuff, because the really good stuff takes work to appreciate it.

In conclusion, even if I wish sometimes to put the following attention notice:

This is openly shared work. You have to sweat to get it. If you are an academic looking for promotion please don’t steel it because you’ll be easy to find. If you are just looking for distraction then watch TV, not this post. If you want to discuss then do it after you spent the time to accommodate with the content, you clicked, read and understood all sources. Because otherwise you either show disrespect for my work or you look stupid

but I refrain from it.

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