Who wants to make a movie?

This animation is done on my laptop (a macbook pro), with scripts which are freely available at the chemlambda repository here.

No supercomputer, nor any costly device has been used to make it…

So, who wants to make a movie?

Other demos which utilise the new experia version:






3 thoughts on “Who wants to make a movie?”

  1. This is very slick stuff, well beyond my skill level, but I do not know if it can be adapted to the sort of animations I’ve been wanting to do with my pet form of logical graphs or maybe my project on combinators when I get back to it.

    1. This animation is obtained with scripts which take as input a graph in a certain format (a file.mol) and they produce file.html. The browser (safari works best, chromium too, but firefox gets into trouble) runs file.html. In file.html there is a script which uses d3.js. When the browser runs file.html, it uses d3.js to show the animation.
      Now, you have a different formalism. If you can transform it into a js animation then you’re done, without using chemlambda.
      Btw in this animation there is a chemlambda computation which is not about lambda calculus.

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