Lambda calculus and other “secret alien technologies” translated into real chemistry

That is the shortest description.
A project in chemical computing: lambda calculus and other “secret alien technologies” translated into real chemistry.
  • which programming language is based on “secret alien technology”?

The gif is a detail from the story of the factorial

Join me on erasing the distinction between virtual and real!

And do not believe me, nor trust authority (because it has its own social agenda). Use instead a validation technique:

  1. download the gh-pages branch of the repo from this link
  2. unzip it and go the “dynamic” folder
  3. edit the copy you have of the  latest main script to change the parameters (number of cycles, weights of moves, visualisation parameters)
  4. use the command “bash”   (see what it contains )
  5. you shall see the list of all .mol files from the “dynamic” folder. If you want to reproduce a demo, or better a new random run of a computation shown in a demo, then choose the file.mol which corresponds to the file.html name of the demo page

An explanation of the algorithm embedded in the main script is here

but in the latest main script there are additioned new moves for a busy beaver Turing machine, see the explanations in  the work in progress

On the other side, if you are a lazy person who wishes to rely on anonymous people who declare they read the work, then go play elsewhere. Here are used the highest standards for validity checks.



6 thoughts on “Lambda calculus and other “secret alien technologies” translated into real chemistry”

  1. I confess that lambda calculus is rather alien to my way of thinking, but I’ll keep on hanging in here in hopes that you’ll someday bring all this beautiful tech to bear on combinator calculus and combinatory logic.

    1. Thank you. Yes, the Turing universality of GLC is proved via combinatory logic (SKI system). At the demos level there are several, like this one. Then, in the first version of chemlambda, called chemical concrete machine is used the BCKW system, just for fun. But fact is that, as lambda calculus, combinatory logic does not cover all possible computations from chemlambda. Of course that any result of chemlambda is computable, but the way it is computed is not obviously related to lambda calculus or combinatory logic.

  2. ⇧ This is one of the more interesting pictures I got when I did a “similar image search” on Google with your picture at the top of the page. Almost all the rest were very nice pictures of jewelry, bracelets, necklaces, etc.

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