Fascinating: micropublications, hypothes.is

 Fascinating! Found
-starting from this issue https://github.com/PeerJ/paper-now/issues/2 which proposes hypothes.is
– via the roadmap https://hypothes.is/roadmap/
– via the issue https://github.com/hypothesis/vision/issues/87
Read and spread it if you think is interesting.  I do because of what I want: a realization of the idea of an article which runs in the browser. They already formulated, and they are close to solve this since 2013 or earlier, in a vastly more precise and interesting way than what I described, without being aware, in the half-joking posts The shortest OA and new forms of publication question, The journal of very short papers and The journal of uncalled advices.
I’m a content producer and I have a direct interest into this. The first fully autonomous article I have, which runs in the browser, is Molecular computers. I want to see it reviewed, annotated, discussed.
I don’t want to use time and space by giving all answers for all possible questions, leaving them to eventual replies to interested people. This way the new content is maximized, instead of wasting time for the benefit of the lazy reader who does not want to understand the new but wants only to find confirmation of his ideas.

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