Living computations

What’s better than a movie? A live performance.

I just started new pages where you can see the last living computations with chemlambda:

  • a 20 nodes creature which I qualified previously as a quine, but is not, struggles to survive in a random environment (random reduction method) here
  • the reduction of the predecessor function from lambda calculus turned into a chemlambda reduction (random too) here
  • the self multplication of the S combinator in random conditions here
  • the reduction of Ackermann(2,2) in the  random model here (this is the one used for the video from the last post).
  • a complex reduction in chemlamdba. Here is the recipe:
    – you can write the Y combinator as an expression in the S,K,I, combinators: Y = S (K (S I I)) (S (S (K S) K) (K (S I I)))
    – so take this expression and apply it to the identity I. In combinatory logic this should reduce to something equivalent to YI, which then reduces forever, because it does not have a normal form
    -but we do something more funny, namely all this long string of combinators is transformed into a chemlambda molecule, and we add on top of it a node FO which makes all this big thing to self-reproduce.
    So, we have a bunch of reductions (from the long expression to YI) in parallel with the self-reproduction of the whole thing.
    Now, what you see is this, in a model of computation which uses a random reduction strategy!
    See it live here.

The sources are in this github repository.



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