You can build pretty much anything with that

Progressing,  enjoy that,  details in few days.

UPDATE: and a nice video about the Omega combinator.



… and there is more.

I took two different reduction strategies for the same artificial chemistry (#chemlambda) and looked what they give in two cases:
– the Ackermann function
– the self-multiplication and reduction of (the ensuing two copies of) the Omega combinator.
The visualization is done in d3.js.
The first reduction strategy  is the one which I used previously in several demonstrations, the one which I call “stupid” also because is the simplest one can imagine.
The second reduction strategy is a random variant of the stupid one, namely a coin is flipped for each edge of the graph, before any consideration of performing a graph rewrite there.
The results can be seen in the following pages:
– Ackermann classic
-Ackermann random
-Omega classic
-Omega random
I’ve always told that one can take any reduction strategy with chemlambda and that all are interesting.




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