A year review at chorasimilarity, second half

In parallel with the stuff about chemlambda, described in the first half, there was something else happening. I prepared some noted for a talk at the 4th Offtopicarium, in the form of a post here:

Notes for the “Internet of things not internet of objects”

The starting point is that what almost everybody describes as the Internet of Things is actually an Internet of Objects. We don’t want an Internet of Objects, because that would be only the usual accumulation of gadgetry and fads, i.e. only a very limited and uninspired construction. It is as imaginative as a big budget movie or as tasty as a fastfood menu.

Because reality is not objective. Reality is made of things, i, e. discussions between us humans about everything. When a certain agreement (or boredom, or faith, etc) is attained in the discussion, the said thing dies and dries into an object.

Discussions between humans thrive when individualities are respected and where there is a place which allows free mixing of ideas. A space. A theater.

Not the theater-in-a-box of perception, where the space is a scene, the dual of the homunculus, the king of fallacies. Because a scene is not a thing, but an object. On the scene the discussion is replaced by an ideology (see this or, from the scenographer point of view this).

Instead, a Greek theater under the sun could be a good starting point. As a machine which implements a theatrical distributed computing.

In order to do so, a necessary step is to separate computation from meaning. That would be only a small step forward after the separation of form from content principle. That’s a very short post, I reproduce most of it here:

One of the principles which make the net possible, as stated by Tim Berners-Lee,

separation of form from content: The principle that one should represent separately the essence of a document and the style with which it is presented.

Applied to decentralized computing, this means no semantics.

[One more confirmation of my impression that logic is something from the 21st century disguised in 19th century clothes.]

At this point the thread described here meets the one from the first half review: one of the discoveries of chemlambda, seen as artificial chemistry, is that it is possible to make this separation.


I stop here with the second half, there will be surely more halves to come 🙂



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