There’s no contradiction: everybody writes academic articles, nobody reads them

In academia we write highly technical pieces of text called “articles” which appear in publications misleadingly called “journals”.

The authors work incredibly hard to write them. Compared to a regular office job, to have a subject for an academic article and to develop it into a piece of nice research, that’s extremely hard. People doing that should have a reason for wasting their minds for such a small material reward.

They may be like hounds with extremely developed smell sense. They have to hunt, they have to detect the prey. And after the hunt they are OK with a small bit of the prey to chew, while the hunter, with no particularly good nose, takes the most of the prey.

Academic articles and academic journals are from another planet than articles in journals. Nobody reads them.

Nobody reads them. When they do, it is because they seem to be supporting some trivial idea which can be communicated in a regular journal article.

Almost nobody reads them. The peers read them. For any article there are about a handful of other people in the world, beside the author, which may think that it is not a complete loss of time to read it. Who think their is their duty to claim they are going to read it. And who, in most of the cases, unless is trivial from their point of view, they don’t read it.

People, even in academia, are still monkeys. Emotions and leaders, authority and the pack order are very important from them as well. They only claim that’s not so, because they are scientists.



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