The clients of publishers. Before: readers. Now: authors.

There are two services offered by any publisher:

  • to help you learn what others have written
  • to help you show to others what you have written.

These are the two sides of the publishing business.

A long time ago, the main reason for the existence of publishers was to spread knowledge, i.e. to offer the first service. They used to multiply the author’s work  and to distribute it to libraries and bookstores.

Libraries and bookstores offered the space for the books to be examined by the people. Some of the books sold well, some not. Some books impressed a selected few, who then wrote other books which sold well. And so on and so forth.

Publishers, libraries and bookstores used to be a very efficient medium of spreading and selecting viable info.

But now, when publish is a button, it looks like the second service is more wanted. Now the publishers offer to authors the service of giving an authority stamp to … anything an author writes. The publishers seek the profit from their main clients, the authors.

Libraries and bookstores, the previous partners, try to find a way to survive.  Because publishers no longer need readers.



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