Fresh brain with no thoughts, yet

I just like his picture obtained with chemlambda


because it gives many ideas, among them the following:

  • if multiplication (reproduction) is Nature’s way to do a fanout
  • and if a brain (and actually the whole organism) grows from a small seed
  • then it must be that we may think about a brain as having one neuron (self-multiplied according to the needs of the computation).

Ergo, the physical brain we see is the concrete embodiment of an universal computing seed, taking physical shape according to physical constraints.

That’s why I like this picture, because it gives ideas.

Here is the first realisation of a (mutant) Turing neuron  in chemlambda

which can be seen as a continuation of the old, but open thread which started with this teaser and continued up to this post on B type neurons.

UPDATE: compare with

which uses the same mechanism for another purpose, the one of assembling a DNA like tape.

I know people hate seeing two ideas in the same post, but here is the second one:

  • at different scales, the same mechanism:
  • be it about the DNA, RNA and proteins in a cell or
  • be it about the chemical connectome of a brain.

If you combine the two ideas from this post, what gives?


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