Episciences not dead after all, Epi-IAM has the right stance

Alerted by the post Episciences.org progress by Thomas Arildsen, I took a look at the EPI-IAM and I discovered something to be appreciated.

Indeed, compare the non-combat stance of Episciences.org

The project proposes an alternative to existing economic models, without competing with traditional publishers.

with the one of EPI-IAM:

The driving force for this project is the take-over of the best journals in the field by the scientific communities, organised in thematic executive committees (so-called epicommittees) gathering international experts.

This project is intended for:

  • existing journals wishing to be liberated from a commercial editorial environment or already open-access journals in search of shared support services

  • newly created journals looking for a simple and highly visible editing environment

“IAM” stands for “Informatics and Applied Mathematics”, great! perhaps the first initiative towards new styles of communication of research, among those from mathematics and hard sciences (well, arXiv excluded, of course), which has a chance to compare with the much more advanced, already functioning ones, from biology and medicine.

In a previous post I wrote that in particular the episciences project looks dead to me. I am happy to be proven wrong!

This is what we need (a dire need in math), not any of the flawed projects which involve gold OA, friends recommendations networks, opaque peer-review and dislike of comments on articles, authority medals dispensed by journals.

It is a revolution, very much alike to the one 100 years ago in art, which led to an explosion of creativity.

The ball is on our side (and recall that we are not going to get any help from the academic management and colleagues adapted to the old ways).

Congrats EPI-IAM, a development to follow!




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