Open notebook science for everyone, done by everyone

I am deeply impressed by the post:

Jean Claude Bradley Memorial Symposium; July 14th; let’s take Open Notebook Science to everyone

Here are some quotes:

Jean-Claude Bradley was one of the most influential open scientists of our time. He was an innovator in all that he did, from Open Education to bleeding edge Open Science; in 2006, he coined the phrase Open Notebook Science. His loss is felt deeply by friends and colleagues around the world.

“Science, and science communication is in crisis. We need bold, simple visions to take us out of this, and Open Notebook Science (ONS) does exactly that. It:

  • is inclusive. Anyone can be involved at any level. You don’t have to be an academic.
  • is honest. Everything that is done is Open, so there is no fraud, no misrepresentation.
  • is immediate. The science is available as it happens. Publication is not an operation, but an attitude of mind
  • is preserved. ONS ensures that the record, and the full record, persists.
  • is repeatable or falsifiable. The full details of what was done are there so the experiment can be challenged or repeated at any time
  • is inexpensive. We waste 100 Billion USD / year of science through bad practice so we save that immediately. But also we get rid of paywalls, lawyers, opportunity costs, nineteenth century publishing practices, etc.”

Every word is true!

This is the future of the research communication. Or at least the beginning of it. ONS has open, perpetual peer review as a subset.

Personal notes.  Look at the left upper corner of this page, it reads:

chorasimilarity | computing with space | open notebook.

Yay! the time  is coming!  the weirdos who write on arXiv, now figshare,  who use open notebooks, all  as a replacement for legacy publication,   will soon be mainstream 🙂

Now, seriously, let’s put some gamification into it, so those who ask “what IS a notebook?”  can play too. They ARE the future. Hope that soon the Game of Research and Review, aka playing  MMORPG  games at the knowledge frontier, will emerge.

There are obvious reasons for that:

  • the smartphone freeds us from staying in one physical place while we surf the virtual world
  • which has as an effect that we rediscover that physical space is important for our interactions, see  Ingress
  • gamification of human activities is replacing the industrial era habits, (pyramidal, static organizations, uniformization, identification of humans with their functions (worker, consumer, customer, student) and with their physical location (this or that country, city, students in the benchs, professors at the chair, payment for working hours ans for staying at the counter, legacy publishing).

See also Notes for “Internet of Things not Internet of Objects”.





5 thoughts on “Open notebook science for everyone, done by everyone”

  1. Thank you for this support.

    You are right – the time has come. Hopefully it’s measured in months, not years. It’s also possible, especially in computational subjects such as chemistry. If 1% of the community practice it we are unstoppable as the light it shines will go everywhere.

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