The first thread of the Moirai

I just realized that maybe +Carl Vilbrandt  put the artificial life thread of ideas in my head, with this old comment at the post Ancient Turing machines (I): the three Moirai:

Love the level of free association  between computation and Greek philosophy. Very creative.
In this myth computation = looping cycles of life. by the Greek goddess of Mnemosyne (one of the least rememberer of the gods requires the myth of the Moirai to recall how the logic of life / now formalized as Lisp works.
As to the vague questions:
1. Yes they seem to be the primary hackers of necessity.
2. Yes The emergent the time space of spindle of necessity can only be by the necessary computational facts of matter.
3. Of course at this scale of myth of wisdom it a was discreet and causal issue. Replication of them selfs would have been no problem.
Lisp broken can’t bring my self write in any other domain. So lisp is the language of life. With artifical computation resources science can at last define life and design creatures.

Thank you!

When I wrote that post, things were not as clear to me as now. Basically I was just trying to generate all graphs of GLC (in the newer version all molecules of the artificial chemistry called “chemlambda“) by using the three Moirai as a machine.

This thread is now a big dream and a project in the making, to unify the meatspace with the virtual space by using the IoT as a bridge between the real chemistry of the real world and the artificial chemistry of the virtual world.

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