An experiment in open writing and open peer-review

I shall try the following experiment in open writing/open peer-review which uses only available soft and tools.

No technical  knowledge is needed to do this.

No new platform is needed for this.

The idea is the following. I take an article (written by me) and I copy-paste it as text + figures in a publicly shared google document with comments allowed.

On top of the document I mention the source (where is the article from) , then I add a CC-BY licence.

This is all. If anybody wishes to comment the article, it can be done precisely, by pointing to the controversial paragraphs.

In the comments are allowed links, of course, therefore there is no limit to the quantity of data which can be put in such a comment.

There could be comment replies.

In conclusion, this is a very cheap way to do both a (limited) way of open writing and to allow open peer-review.

For the moment I started not with articles directly, but with edited content from this open notebook.  I made until now two “archives”

Even better would be to make a copy of the doc and put it in the figshare, to get a DOI. Then you stick the DOI  link in the doc.


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