Computation with GLC actors: pure syntax, no semantics

The notion of computation from   Distributed GLC has the following properties:

  • distributed
  • asynchronous
  • done by processing structure to structure (via graph rewrites)
  • purely local
  • uses an analogy with molecules and chemical reactions, but the spatial relations between the interacting molecules are replaced by actors interactions in a variant of the Actor Model.


  • the model is not sequential, although it may do sequential computation, if constrained; however, the model does not need the idea of a sequential computation,
  •  synchronization is not needed for the model, in fact any synchronization hypothesis would only cripple the power of the model,
  • this model of computation does not need or use any  evaluation procedure, nor in particular evaluation strategies; the model does not rely on signals passing through gates, nor on the sender-receiver setting of Information Theory.  No names of variables, no values are used. Because the eta reduction is not part of the model,  no functions are used, needed, or make sense.
  • this model of computation is not based on a  global picture. There is no global state, no global space,  no global time, no semantics.

More details:

The nodes of the distributed computation are the actors. The connectivity between the actors is not externally controlled or imposed. Instead the connectivity is the result, and changes because of the actors interactions.

Actors are not controlled externally, they are autonomous. The interactions between actors are purely local.

Any interaction with an external device, database, or program is done via a GLC actor.


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