Doing my homework: Heidegger, Latour on things

Heidegger The Thing, quotes:

All distances in time and space are shrinking. […] Man […] now receives instant information […] of events which he formerly learned about only years later, if at all.

Yet the frantic abolition of all distances brings no nearness; for the nearness does not consist in shortness of distance. […] Short distance is not in itself nearness. Nor is great distance remoteness.

What is this uniformity in which everything is neither far nor near — is, as it were, without distance?

Everything gets lumped together into uniform distancelessness. How? Is not this merging of everything into the distanceless more unearthy than everything bursting apart?

Near to us are what we usually call things. The jug is a thing. What is a jug? We say: a vessel […] As a jug, the vessel is something self-sustained […] self-supporting, or independent.

An independent, self-supporting thing may become an object if we place it before us.

Bruno Latour, From Realpolitik to Dingpolitik, or How to Make Things Public, quotes:

[…] an object-oriented democracy tries […] to bring tohether two different meanings of the word representation that have been kept separate in theory although they have remained always mixed in practice.

The first one […] designates the ways to gather the legitimate people around some issue.

The second one […] presents, or rather represents what is the object of concern to the eyes and ears of those who have been assembled around it.

Who is to be concerned?

What is to be considered?

How to represent the sites where people meet to discuss their matters of concern?


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