Actors for the Ackermann machine

Continues A machine for computing the Ackermann function in graphic lambda calculus , by a preliminary analysis of the proposed Ackermann machine in GLC from the Actor Model point of view.


Very brief notes:

  • see Hewitt Actor Model, lambda calculus and graphic lambda calculus   for the actor notation (or decoration)
  • binary fission is an apt name for the replacement of the GLOBAL FAN-OUT from GLC by the DIST moves from chemlambda (because eventually I am interested in using the purely local formalism of chemlambda for the Ackermann machine).
  • “mask” is a new name instead of the “pacman” name used in the first post on the Ackermann machine.
  • “stack” might correspond to the “mailbox” in the actor model, but it’s internal to the actor and interacts only with the mask.

All this has a working hypothesis basis, I’m thinking out loud – btw, if you look then  you can also talk here 🙂 . Everything is subject to changes, remember this is an open notebook (which can also be cited as explained at the right side of the post).


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