Computing with space like applications from the Trillion Sensor Summit

From the Trillion Sensor Summitthis document, here is a list of interesting subjects related to the Internet of Things and the main subject of this blog: computing with space. (See this link for an explanation of usefulness of the graphic lambda calculus for this.)

  • Internet of Things, connecting devices around us through new network architecture to enable low latency control. (Janusz Bryzek, Fairchild Semiconductor, Mancef)
  • CeNSE, Central Nervous System for the Earth, building global environment monitoring. (Janusz Bryzek, Fairchild Semiconductor, Mancef)
  • Smart cities (Susumu Kaminaga, SPP Technologies, Japan for the Growth Strategy, Ajith Amerasekera, TI, Roberto De Nuccio, ST Microelectronics)
  • Biologic nanoprocessor (Luke Lee, UC Berkeley)
  • Molecular diagnostics systems (Luke Lee, UC Berkeley)
  • Brain-machine interfaces  (Jan Rabaey, UC at Berkeley)
  • Interaction swarms (Jan Rabaey, UC at Berkeley)
  • Cyber security  (Jan Rabaey, UC at Berkeley)
  • Distributed network computing (Matthew Hopcroft, HP)
  • Logistic processes: autarkic labeling, condition monitoring, position monitoring (Stephan Guttowski, Fraunhofer)
  • Ambient sensing platform (Steve Nasiri, Nasiri Ventures)
  • National level usage: global warming, health infrastructure, river flow monitor, health epidemics, smart grid sensors, forest fire, ozone, cyber security (Sandhiprakash Bhide, Intel)
  • Context sensing (Kevin Shaw, Sensor Platforms)


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