WWW with Metabolism

While I was trying  to convince biochemists  (I’m still trying)  to use the Chemical concrete machine for a variety of goals, from bio-computing to understanding brains, Stephen Paul King came with an awesome suggestion, which evolved into the following idea:

The WWW is an artificial, human-made network and the Chemical concrete machine (chemlambda) is artificial, human-made, computing friendly chemistry. Let’s use the chemical concrete machine to awake the net by giving it a metabolism.

Together with Louis Kauffman, we are trying to make some fine mathematics with real world implications out of it. Care to join? Then send me or Stephen a message.

Here is a list of arguments in favor of this idea:

  • it is much simpler to use a made-up, simplified chemistry on a network much simpler than brains
  • both the WWW and the chemical concrete machine (which is Turing universal) belong to the same (computational) universe
  • in silico experiments  with WWW + chemlambda  correspond to in vivo experiments with wet neural networks
  • it is scalable
  • may have lots of real life  CS applications
  • it’s mathematically friendly, come on pure mathematicians, you are needed
  • it’s based on lambda calculus, so it’s already incredibly cool, as adepts of functional programming might confirm.


Oh, don’t forget the logo of the chemlambda and graphic lambda calculus:


where you can see two lambdas arranged into a double helix. It’s better than this [source]:

Cyberdyne_logowhich features a Y.


UPDATE: see the more recent post   Fraglets, bionets, and the www with metabolism  fro relevant research already done related to www with metabolism, which could be very useful.

7 thoughts on “WWW with Metabolism”

  1. For this to work at all, one must come to grips with Triadic Relation Irreducibility, implying the intrinsic limitations of dyadic relations and any networks built solely on their basis.

    For example, all relations of catalysis and control are triadic relations.

      1. Thank you for the links, could you send me more? I started to read, about triadic relations. I don’t know if this is relevant, because in the chemical concrete machine you have molecules (i.e. terms, or better, some of the molecules are terms) and chemical reactions (i.e. moves, some of them are reductions). Each molecule is a graph made by trivalent nodes. But those trivalent nodes are not gates, there is no signal circulating through them. It’s pure syntax, no semantics. (Although, if you want, then you can decorate arrows of molecules and interpret the decoration as representing signals flowing through gates.

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