New tutorials, spread!

Have you noticed?  There are now, available on this open notebook, two tutorials:

After some tinkering, I arrived at the following logo for graphic lambda calculus and derivative works (like the chemical concrete machine):


We see here a double helix, which is in fact formed by a lambda and another lambda upside down, which could also be a Y.

You would do me a favour to spread the word about these tutorials, or better, to use them.  I put a link to the graphic lambda calculus tutorial on reddit, and a g+ post about the chemical concrete machine tutorial here.  There’s also a tweet about it:

I am looking for a place where I can put a part of the contents of this blog (which is rather big), namely the various series of connected posts, which contain a lot of work and time invested. I am thinking about github, but I am not so sure.  The thing with the blog format, besides it is still not loved by  those who made their career by ISI bean counting,  is that it is too linear. This can be repaired by links, however.


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