To do, soon

…  these are some notes to self,  the future depends, as usual, on future inputs to my brain.

1. It seems possible to try to use the chemical concrete machine formalism for doing some very concrete “lifeforms”, i.e. families of graphs which, under the usual statistical interactions with other molecules in the “reactor”,  satisfy some definition of life. Far fetched? No, at least we see hints that combinators are multipliers (thus reproduction can be achieved with zippers and combinators). Strange way to see what could be a purpose of logic in biology.

2. There is a hidden symmetry in the moves of the chemical concrete machine which indicates there is no need for the termination gate (i.e. there is no garbage), instead this symmetry (inspired by the duality between multipliers and co-multipliers) puts in a new light the idea of recursion.

3. It seems to be easy to reformulate the cartesian method as described here into a sort of it’s opposite. Of course, such that it makes sense, not especially as a scientific method, but a method of creation, maybe relevant for the understanding how life proceeds.

4. I have large quantities of math facts and research which is put on hold, not reported here, or only in a very indirect way.

There is a partly interesting, partly boring period coming, I feel it. On one side, I am working on putting some of the work reported in this open notebook in  articles form, which is funny, but on the other side I ask myself: why? Is there any need, other than organizing a bit things? Is it useful? Is this a satisfying method of communication?

But is the blog a better method? Other? Suggestions?


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