More details about the Game of Research and Review

What  would you get by combining gamification with visual representations of the peer-review process? A Game of Research and Review.

That’s a follow-up of the post MMORPGames at the knowledge frontier, with more details about how it could work, as a possible solution for making people want by themselves to do the peer-review. (See also the posts Gamifying peer-review?   and We, researchers, just need a medium for social interaction, and some apps .)


I propose another rewarding mechanism than points, a more visual one. First, the articles, according to their keywords, produce a 2D landscape, in principle by the same procedure as this old clickable map of mathematics:

Then, reviewing an article is like claiming property of a piece of land in this world. The value of the claim itself, depends on others opinion about your review.

Instead getting points, you own (shares, say, of) a territory.

Finally, there should be a sort of market for selling-buying property (i.e. shares of some piece of land), which is also automatically mediated by setting a minimal value of a piece of land as function of how connected it is (for example, if you “own” shares over 5 articles, the minimal value of that composite piece of land increases with the number of connections of these articles with other articles you don’t have, or sell). This gives a mechanism of increasing the value of a piece of land simply by adding articles which connects previously unconnected other articles.

The soft needed for this exists, I suppose. Moreover, a visual representation is much more impressive than a number (of points) and it raises more primitive reactions in the users brains.

3 thoughts on “More details about the Game of Research and Review”

  1. Gamification of peer review… Somethings I was thinking some months ago, and then give up unfortunately…. Check my recent tweets, you’ll find a link to a paper call contest on frontiers about novel methodologies of peer-review….

    1. Hi Eugenio, I think I saw the call on G+, but not your article. Could you send a link? Anyway, I first thought about this subject in the post Gamifying peer-review?. I would play a game based on visual representations instead of points. This leads me to asking if there could be made some visual altmetrics. After all, any evaluation of research based on a finite collection of numbers is like a hash function (only that terribly inefficient). Visual clues, on the contrary, exploit our brain capacities better.

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