As many people know, academia  fights to break free from the chains of legacy publishers. And apparently it’s on the way to succeed.  Unlike the  fully automated Academic Skynet,  which is still in a very early draft version, the human-edited  is now launched.

OK. fun aside, this could prove to be an excellent initiative, DEPENDING ON YOU.  The limit of this system is only your imagination. Try it, play with it, disseminate it.

Congratulations to Christopher Lee and John Baez for this project. Here are two posts (at Baez blog) explaining what this is about:

In few words, it is a tag system for articles in arxiv or PubMed (or with a DOI) which is designed to work, in principle, with any existing social network. For the moment it works in association with G+ (i.e. posts on G+ with the hashtags #spnetwork  arxiv:1234.5678  are automatically retrieved by spnetwork).

But even in this stage, one can use a G+ post to connect, say, an arxiv article with something from a third place. I used this trick in this post, in order to signal that  arXiv:1305.5786  has an associate web tutorial page on this blog. It worked smoothly!

So, what about open peer reviews? Other ideas?


UPDATE: Timothy  Gowers  has a post where he explains what he intends to do with/for  the spnetwork. Especially interesting part:

But the other reason for writing the post is that I hope it will encourage others to do similar things: even if 1000 mathematicians each wrote just one review, that would already create a site worth exploring, and in principle it could happen very quickly.


UPDATE 2:  I just put on my web page the following:

READ THIS: I recommend the use of The Selected Papers Network. Look at these two posts by John Baez to understand how it works: spnetwork (Part 1) , spnetwork (Part 2). If you wish to notice me about your recent (or older) arxiv articles which you think I might benefit from and comment about them then send me a mail or connect with me on G+.


UPDATE 3:    Would it be possible to blend the human edited spnetwork with an automatic service like NewSum?    After all, the start of this post is only a half joke.

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