For reasons partly explained some time ago in this blog, as well as for more recent ones, I want to explore if there’s future life for me outside the academia. I became very skeptical about the ways of this small world (in particular about the pressure for traditionally published articles versus arXiv and other true  OA variants which still lack for mathematicians), as well as about the value of this accumulation of salami-sliced research results which are the fashion now-days. Originality and strength to pursue high-risk but high-reward research are just not what is needed in academic (mathematical) research. I am more of a theory and models builder type, again apparently not needed in this narrow problem-solving world.  Interdisciplinary knowledge and nose for the next big ideas are not on the demands lists in academic (mathematical, at least) circles, according to my experience. For all these reasons, but mainly because of the slow starvation of academic research I am witnessing around me, I look for other options. Preferably privately funded, preferably high-risk high-reward research. Or maybe concerning critical assessment of new ideas, or even communicating  in nontrivial ways, out of the manual. Or something completely unexpected. I don’t know, therefore I have to ask. Please direct any comment to my address

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