Seven years forecast

  1. In seven years there will be no essential difference between comments on articles and peer-reviews. [28.02.2013 addition by Phillip Lord: “Blind peer-review will die, and open peer-review will take it’s place.” ]
  2. In seven years there will be semantic means of definition of plagiarism and, as a consequence, a significant percentage of today’s articles will qualify as recycled crap,
  3. In seven years there will be popularity contests and evaluations based on the popularity of theĀ  authors as measured by their impact on the web,
  4. In seven years the best universities will gamify the teaching process,
  5. In seven years allĀ  successful changes of the process of dissemination of knowledge will turn out to be among those born from private initiatives,
  6. In seven years large research collaborations of mathematicians will be regarded as normal,
  7. In seven years most of the articles which are now under the lock of the copyright belonging to the publisher will be seen as vanity publication and their most important use will be as data for programs of massive extraction of semantic content.

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