Unlimited detail, software point cloud renderers

This is a continuation of the discussion from the posts dedicated to and  ,  only this time I want to comment briefly on the euclideon algorithm side.

In one comment by JX there is a link to this image:


Let me copy the relevant bits:

“There is no relation between scene size or complexity and framespeed. Only window resolution affects performance. There is no profit from repetitive models, bigger scenes just use more disk space, no matter how unique models it has. Search algorithm is used, but it is NOT raytracing, there’s no rays.”

In a previous comment JX writes:

“I also don’t use octree or any tree for now. Neither DM (don’t even understood it fully).”

Well, that’s a big difference (if true) between JX (and Unlimited Detail) on one side and other software point cloud renderers. I shall present two examples in the next videos. The authors use octrees and their demonstrations are much more impressive than JX’s picture.

UPDATE: Check out the comment by JX, answering some implicit questions.



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