MOO invitation – and – lecturing or blogging?

I start with the second item then I launch the MOO invitation.

Lecturing or blogging?

As you may notice, I started to lecture lately (see the “Introduction to graphic lambda calculus“, which will become bigger and bigger, with more and more links and linked posts, a nice addition to this blog, like the one of a squirrel collecting nuts for wintertime).


For spreading ideas in a more rigorous way.  For future reference. For convincing those unimaginative ones that I am not speaking bollocks when I post about ancient Turing machines or about computing with space.

By a nice coincidence, I learned about massive open online courses (MOOC) via mathbabe. After reading the linked wiki page, it looks to me the kind of thing I would definitely support! Which brings me tangentially to the second part of the post.

MOO invitation.

Not only MassiveOpenOnlineCourses, but MOOeverything, surely I am not the only one dreaming about this. Like MOOresearch. Based, for example, on connectivist design principles (citation follows):

  1. Aggregation. The whole point of a connectivist MOOC is to provide a starting point for a massive amount of content to be produced in different places online, which is later aggregated as a newsletter or a web page accessible to participants on a regular basis. This is in contrast to traditional courses, where the content is prepared ahead of time.
  2. The second principle is remixing, that is, associating materials created within the course with each other and with materials elsewhere.
  3. Re-purposing of aggregated and remixed materials to suit the goals of each participant.
  4. Feeding forward, sharing of re-purposed ideas and content with other participants and the rest of the world.

That is why I am inviting anybody interested in what I am to contribute here. Likewise, contact me in case you think I might help you.

How? There are two  three ways this innocent blogger thinks this can be done:

-either submit the contribution as a comment, then I shall contact you by mail and agree on the final version, or

– send me the comment as a mail (go to “about” to find it), or

– post it somewhere and ask, by one of the previous mentioned methods, to repost it here with link to the original posting.

Especially interesting subjects for me, at this moment, are, in no particular order:

digital materialization, euclideon and alike

graphic lambda calculus

– biological vision

sub-riemannian geometry

approximate structures.


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