Job shelter

I write this post faced by the barely repressed joy of many people here, that the general elections this weekend will bring an end to the progressive rush which tired many and exposed some naked emperors, particularly in the academic circles. My forecast is that here  will start a black period for forward thinkers. (I happen to be, without intending to, more forward than the average progressive here, for example I am militating for green open access when the idea here is to worship the mighty ISI with the hope to get rid of the many, highly placed, old crooks with a life of publications in the local journals…)

It might happen, or not, who knows? But, what the heck, this is my blog, a (web) diary, so dear diary, please know that I would not mind at all to have a job shelter for some time, in some creative thinking haven.

See also my half-joking previous post “Professional wishlist“.

I have been told  that I am always landing on my feet (meaning enjoying a non-standard way to do research and simultaneously being able to take care of my family).  Will this be true one more time? Hope so.


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