review: “Ecaterina Andronescu (minister of research), 2003 – plagiarism and falsification of data”

Concerning one article of the Romanian Minister of Education Ecaterina Andronescu, according to the review of, “6 international experts in the field confirm that the work constitutes plagiarism and falsification of data”.

UPDATE: A new review concerning a series of 4 papers just appeared.

The Ministry of Education and other, equivalent, organisms are to be held responsible for the damage incurred to the image of many innocent Romanian researchers.

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Otherwise, this new case confirms my previous analysis (and advice):

A 3-parts system for scientific credibility.

in the sense that this new case is again about an OLD DISCRETE and power hungry person (see the analysis for definitions of “OLD” and “DISCRETE”).

Congratulations to

UPDATE: Andronescu has the following argument against any plagiarizing accusations (source here and here, in Romanian).  Here is an English translation:

“I have built all my professional career  on hard work and honesty. In this career there are several steps that you go through when you start:  from the bottom, from the first position of junior assistant, to lecturer, then  associate professor and PhD supervisor. For each stage they go through a dossier and set up a committee vote passing through the Professional Council of the  academic Senate and then to  CNATDCU  [i.e. the National Council of Attestation of Universitary Titles, Diplomas and Certificates] which  gives the  verdict.”

She has a point, indeed.  Maybe here applies the Sherlock Holmes dictum:

“When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth”

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